Victoria Solar Home Example: 4kW MicroBlox Reduces Electrical Costs by +30%

The Customer

The owners are professionals about retirement age. They are active in the community and conscious of environmental issues. They have renovated their home with many features that they will enjoy through their retirement, and are considering an electric car as their second vehicle.

The owners have a well exposed south facing roof, but with skylights and vents. Their goal was to significantly reduce electricity costs and fix their home operating costs.


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HES supplied 4 MicroBlox-1000 kits to deliver about 40% of their total electrical needs. The system was split across two roof spaces to avoid skylights and vents. With Enphase microInverters, the power output of each solar panel is maximized despite some occasional winter shading. HES shingle flashings protect the roof from leaks and make roof replacement a simple exercise.

HES added the optional MicroBlox trim kit to add the finished look. The system also includes online production monitoring. The 25 year solar panel and electronics warranty gives confidence that their solar investment will deliver for decades.


30% of their electrical needs for the next 25 to 30 years. Production of +4,000kWh per year.

The alternative of powering an EV (electric vehicle) for 20,000km/year.
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