Victoria Solar Home Example: 6.1kW Solar System Reduces Electrical Costs by +40% for Life

The Customer

The customer is a family of 4 with teenagers. Although their home features energy efficient appliances, they also have in-floor heating, a hot tub and lots of home electronics. In 2011 a 100% electric car was added to the electric grid, requiring about 3000kWh to their annual electric use, bringing it to about 15,000kWhr/year.

The client would have chosen to generate 100% of their annual electric needs with solar if they could. However, with limited space for solar, they chose to offset 100% of their electric car kilometers and as much of their electrical load as space permitted.

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The Solution

To maximize the solar production two unique approaches were taken: solar was installed on 3 different roof slopes and the project used ultra-high-efficiency solar panels. The premium HES brand 280W solar panels offered 12% more production from a fixed area than conventional solar panels. Although initially more expensive for the client,this allowed an increase in system size of 660W in the space available.

The PV panels were installed with a 4kW array on a flat roof, 1.1kW on an east facing slope that gets morning sun, and two panels on a south facing dormer. The total array of 6.1kW uses an inverter system that maximizes the performance of each panel individually and includes on-line monitoring.


  • 40% of their homes electrical needs for the next 30 years. Production of +6500 kWh/year
  • The home has reduced monthly operating costs by reducing electricity purchases
  • With projected hydro rate increase, this equates to investing @ 5%.
  • Participates in BC Hydro's Net Metering program.
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