Solar Panels

The heart of a solar system are the solar modules. They use crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight to electricity. They will do this year after year, as nothing is consumed or worn out in the process. Our solar panels are manufactured by leading global companies, and feature a 25 year manufacturers warranty

How do you choose the right solar panel for your project? Consider our options:

  • 60 or 72 cells: 60 cell panels are typically 1m x 1.6m. Adding 2 more rows of cells builds a 72 cell panel that is 1m x 2m in size. Both offer the same efficiencies, but 72 cell panels can lower system costs. Often the choice is made by dimensions: which size allows more of the roof are to be covered with solar cells?
  • Cell Technology: Polycrystalline cells offer the best cost per watt. Monocrystaline increases power, but at a slight premium. PERC, Back Contact, Tandem Cells increase power per are even more, with increasing costs to reach the highest efficiency. To learn more about solar cells and solar panels read our Blog Article.
  • Brands: HES products are manufactured by leading global companies with gigawatts of delivered products. Our inventory is located in 9 warehouses across Canada, for fast and economical delivery.

HES Solar Products

  • We stock a wide range of 60 and 72 cell modules
  • High efficiency poly and mono products available
  • Black and silver frame options
  • Leading brands backed by HES warranty in Canada


  • Low iron solar glass for maximum transmissivity of light, and tempered for strength
  • Solar cells are 100% encapsulated in EVA to protect against corrosion
  • Multi-layered backsheet protects against moisture and seals the laminate
  • Anodized aluminum mounting frame for structural strength

The Warranty

  • Power Output guaranteed for 25 years, workmanship for 10 or 12 years
  • Linear rather than stepped warranty: >80% rated power at 25 years
  • Positive tolerance to +5W on all modules in Canada
  • Backed by HES, manufacturer.

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  1. Q.Peak Duo 320W
  2. HES-285M
  3. QCELL-385-72DUO Solar Panel
  4. LG Neon 2 400W
  5. HES-310-72P-MC
  6. QCELL-325-DUO
  7. Hansol HS-370-72M
  8. Hansol HS-345-72M-S
  9. QCELL L-G4.2 365 W, 72 Cell Module
  10. QCELLS HSQ-305HD-60P
  11. HES-260-60P-BLK
  12. HES-275M
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