MicroBlox - The Modular Grid-Tie Solution

There's a new way to put solar to work on a grid-tied house. HES PV's MicroBlox kits are completely self contained AC solar modules. Buy one or ten, start small and build big, these plug and play kits allow for easy system installation and expansion. And if your roof space is limited, has dormers and valleys or has slopes facing in different directions; MicroBlox kits maximize your solar production.

What's in a MicroBlox Kit?

Each MicroBlox kit features quality solar modules with a 25 year warranty, an Enphase DC-AC inverter and HES's installation package. The package includes rails, mounting feet and hardware to secure the system to your roof. Installation manual also included. Just add a home run cable to get the AC power off the roof, and an AC disconnect and your electrician will get you connected!

How Do They Work?

Instead of wiring a string of solar modules together and bringing DC power off the roof, a MicroBlox kit has its own micro-inverter mounted on the back of the solar panel. The inverters are designed to work with two high efficiency solar modules. Since the output is 240VAC, no other DC wiring is needed. Simply connect the MicroBlox output to a power feed cable to bring power off the roof, and connect to your electrical system per your local codes.

How Much Electricity Will They Generate?

Each MicroBlox is rated at 500 watts under full sun conditions (STC). If your MicroBlox is mounted on a sloped, south facing roof without shading, you can expect 500--650kWh of energy per year. That's equivalent to 5% of a typical homes annual consumption of 10,000kWh. 5 MicroBlox kits would reduce a typical home's consumption by 20%, and 10 MicroBlox would cut utility power purchases to 50%. Your home may draw more than the average - check your utility bills. Remember, a MicroBlox solar system is expandable at any time.

MicroBlox HES-MB-520 Spec Sheet

What is unique about MicroBlox?:
  • Complete AC system
  • High efficiency black framed HES solar modules
  • Plug and play to combine MicroBlox units
  • Unique HES mounting system speeds installation with fewer roof holes
  • Online performance monitoring ready
  • Home Run Cable
  • AC Disconnect
  • Roof flashings
  • Tilt mounts, pole mounts, ground mounts or flat roof mounts.

Quality = Longevity!

  • HES Solar - the #1 brand in Canada
  • Enphase 4th generation MicroInverters
  • HES Fast-Rack MicroBlox install kit
  • 25 year warranty

Modularity = Power!

  • Lets you use all available roof spaces
  • Lets you add to your system in the future
  • Reduce your electricity purchases by producing your own

MicroBlox = Future Proofing!

  • Control your electrical costs for the next 25 years
  • Use Green Energy instead of utility power
  • Reduce your consumption without giving anything up
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