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Outback 8kW Radian

The new Radian is a powerful full featured inverter for home or remote camps. With a powerful battery charger and 240V input, they work great with all generators of 5kW or more. Radians can work as backup inverters in grid-tie systems too!

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Inverter Installation: Safe and Easy!

Our off-grid inverter selection has a wide range of sizes, voltages and features But each inverter needs an installation package for safety and to conform to electrical code. HES prefabricates E-Panel for all the inverters below. They come complete with:

  • Battery DC circuit breaker/DC disconnect
  • AC Manual Transfer Switch
  • Inverter Battery Cables
  • Terminals for AC in/AC out connections
  • Optional charge controller

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Our most popular cottage and home power source:

  • Reliable pure sinewave power source for all home loads
  • Sizes from 2000 to 4400 watts
  • Great battery chargers when generator power is used
  • Battery state of charge monitoring option

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From cottage to industrial sites, Outback Inverters are powerful and reliable choices:

  • Sealed and high power FX inverter models from 2.5 to 3.6kW
  • 8kW Radian Series for grid-tie, backup and remote home/lodge
  • Full integration packages with remotes and OutBack's FM series charge controllers

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Kisae Inverters


  • KI-SW2012-55 Sine Wave Inverter/Charger
  • Great choice for small cottage/off-grid home choice
  • A Perfect Fit for RV's and Fleet Trucks
  • 12 and 24V models, optional battery chargers

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  1. Magnum EP-MS4024PAE
  2. Magnum EP-MS4448PAE
  3. OutBack EP-VFX3524
  4. OutBack EP-VFX3648
  5. OutBack Radian GS4048A
  6. Kisae KI-SW2012-55 Sine Wave Inverter/Charger
  7. Kisae KI-SW2024 Inverter
  8. OutBack SkyBox
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