Inverter E-Panels

Residential Inverter Installations Made Safe and Easy

E-Panels are an accessory that completes the installation of a single Outback or Magnum inverter in one tidy package. HES-PV E-Panels contain all the necessary components to make your inverter installation easy, turn-key and most importantly, electrical code compliant.

Canadian Electrical Code covers all off-grid installations. Code requires that inverters installations include:

    • DC over-current protection (as in a circuit breaker or fuse) as the batteries have the ability to deliver thousands of amps of current if short circuited.
    • AC wiring connections to and from the inverter must also have circuit breakers and disconnects.
    • If a solar charge controller is included, it must have DC rated circuit breakers on both the input and the output.
    • All electrical equipment must be connected to a common earth ground.
    • Optional lighting protection can be added to protect the solar equipment from surges caused by lightning.

    HES solves safe inverter installation by building custom configured Inverter Panels in its facilities. These are built with the customer's inverter of choice, depending on size and system voltage. A solar charge controller matched to the array size and wiring is connected and pre-wired. The entire assembly is crated and shipped to the installer ready for installation.

    With a hinged door holding the inverter, E-Panels provide easy access to wiring terminals, allowing the AC input, output and battery connections to be made on site, and are cETL approved for Canadian installations. It includes DC rated circuit breakers for both solar (when applicable) and inverter DC cables. Extra slots are available for additional breakers. The master DC disconnect is provided to meet code, and provides instant shutdown of your power system.

    E-Panels are custom built to match your home or cottage needs. First, select your battery voltage, and inverter size. Some models are 120VAC, others provide both 240 and 120VAC. Add optional charge controllers, battery monitoring and surge/lightning protection. These will be installed and prewired, then crated for delivery to your project.

E-Panels Enclosures include:

  • 175 or 250A DC circuit breaker
  • AC bypass and disconnect with wiring
  • 500A shunt for current measurement
  • Cover for AC and DC connections
  • Extra slots for AC or DC breakers
  • Bus bars for easy wiring
  • Mounting bracket for FM-60/80
  • Wiring diagram right on the door
  • Inverter cables
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  1. Magnum EP-MS2012
  2. Magnum EP-MS2812
  3. Magnum EPM-MS4024-PAE
  4. Magnum EP-MS4024PAE
  5. Magnum EP-MS4448PAE
  6. OutBack EP-FXR2012A
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