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What's New: Morningstar 600V MPPT

Morningstar is the world leader in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers. The new MPPT-600 is a high powered solar controller for off-grid systems that has the unique feature of working with up to 12 modules in a series string. This allows solar modules to be placed further away, wired in with smaller cable, and avoids combiners and parallel wire strings.

The MPPT-600 is rated at 60 amps output, and 48V batteries. Ideal for larger off-grid industrial and residential systems, and battery based grid-tie systems.

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Getting Started: Cottage Power System HPC-25

Our Cottage Power System is an integrated DC load centre with 25 amp charge controller.

Use the HPC for 12V cabin or small industrial power systems. The combination of neat wiring, full protection, built in metering and smart MPPT charging makes this a great deal!

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Solar Design

OutBack FM Controllers

Our most popular residential charge controllers!

  • 60 and 80 amp, 12-48V models
  • Seamless integration with OutBack inverters
  • Full metering with production history
  • 150 VDC input allows 3 modules in a series string
  • Reliable, with 5 year warranty

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Morningstar PWM and MPPT

The industry leader for small battery charging systems!

  • From 15 to 60 amps, 12-48V models
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for precise battery charging
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) models

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Midnite Classic Controllers

Full featured and a wide range of models!

  • Three current models: 63, 79 and 96 amps
  • Three voltage input ranges: 150, 200 and 250VDC
  • Remote data logging and ethernet ready
  • Ground-fault and arc-fault protection built in
  • 5 year warranty

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  1. Magnum PT-100 Charge Controller
  2. EPSolar Tracer 2210A MPPT Charge Controller
  3. Classic 200 Regulator and Input Breaker
  4. Classic 250 Regulator and Input Breaker
  5. PT100 Regulator and Input Breaker
  6. EPSolar Tracer 2215BN MPPT Charge Controller
  7. EPS Remote Display
  8. Morningstar TriStar TS-MPPT-30, 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller
  9. Morningstar TriStar TS-MPPT-60, 60 Amp MPPT Charge Controller
  10. Morningstar TriStar TS-MPPT-45 Charge Controller, 45 Amp, MPPT Charge Controller
  11. MidNite Classic-250
  12. MidNite Classic Lite 250
  13. Classic 150 Regulator and In/out breaker
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