Solar Backup

Solar Backup

Backup Power Systems in the Event of a Power Failure

The Secure Source Backup Power Systems are designed to keep important loads in your home or business running in the event of a power failure. These fully integrated battery/inverter packages are in a compact cabinet, and pre-wired for fast and easy installation.

Decide what's the right model for you

All of the details like wiring, transfer switching, battery charging, circuit protection and grid monitoring are taken care of within these pre-wired packages. Simply choose from one of the 4 models.

Solar Ready

Now that cabin or cottage can rock! With 280 watts and 15.8 amps of DC charging power, there is plenty of juice for lighting, music, water and other amenities. This system features a 4-stage pwm charge controlSolar Ready models are ready for a solar array up to 3000W, which can be added now or any time in the future. Add a Secure Source package to any one of the OnEnergy Solar Arrays and you will have both grid-tie solar production plus backup in the event of a power failure. Energy independence plus safety for your family!


list form --Powerful inverters with integrated battery chargers » Automatic transfer switching in event grid power fails » 15A connection for generator feed » Sealed, maintenance free batteries

Require Backup and Solar?

Select a Solar Ready Backup System and add Sharp's equivalent OnEnergy for the Perfect Combination.

Backup 4 and 8

Simple to install, self-contained and prewired – the Backup 4 and 8 systems are ready to keep pumps, lights, computers, telephone and security systems running if power fails. Completely automatic – works when you are away from home. Two sizes, with 4.8 and 9.6 kWh battery storage.

Backup Solar Ready 4 and 8

Solar Ready Backups provide the same backup power in the event of a power failure, but double as a solar-grid tie inverter too. Combine with the OnEnergy solar arrays for a complete solar-grid-tie/backup system.