Saanich Solar Home: 2.2kW Solar System Saves Hydro Purchases

Why Install a Solar Electric System in Victoria?

The owners have wanted to significantly reduce electricity costs and fix their home operating costs into the future. With BC Hydro rate increases of 9% this year, they wanted to offset the increase with less demand for utility power, without sacrificing comfort. They have a well exposed south facing roof, ideal for solar. As a couple they are also conscious of environmental issues. A solar system helps them save electricity and they are pleased to be using green, renewable energy at their home.

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This Saanich home has now significantly lower electrical bills with the addition of a 2.2kW solar electric system. As part of BC Hydro's Net Metering Program, the owners accumulate a credit for all electricity they produce during the day but did not need. The home uses its own energy from the roof first, and only buys power when the load exceeds the solar production.


20% of their electrical needs for the next 25 to 30 years. Production of +2,400kWh per year.

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SKU Saanich_2.2kW_Solar_System
Location Victoria, BC
Year of Completion 2014
Project Size 2.2kW
Key Feature Net Metering provides a credit for solar power generated against BC Hydro consumption
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