RV’s are about freedom to roam, and comfort wherever you land. Power is not always available - unless you have an HES-RV Solar Package! It’s now easier than ever to put solar to work on your RV. Our RV Systems are complete solar systems packages that combine the latest HES high efficiency solar modules and highest quality inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible RV solutions.


Our leading RV Solar Package. With a quality HES-140 solar panel, producing 7 amps of current in full sun. Link →

Magnum Inverters

High power Magnum inverters offer clean AC power from your RV batteries. Features include built in AC transfer switching, powerful battery chargers and full adjustability for any size service. Link →

DLS Battery Chargers

Our compact, high output electronic battery chargers work with generators or AC service power to recharge and maintain RV batteries in top condition.Link →

CC30 Charge Controller

Our full featured 30 Amp PWM solar charger controller. With digital battery meter, load control and precise charge control. Link →

Power for you on the go

HES RV Kits are designed to charge your batteries while dry camping. They provide extra power so you can enjoy the comforts that battery power wherever you camp.

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  1. Magnum MMS1012
  2. Magnum MM1512AE
  3. Stark SRK-121 Marine AGM Battery
  4. Magnum Auto Gen Start Module w/ Volt, Temp Start/Stand Alone Version
  5. Magnum Auto Gen Start w/ temperature & voltage starting
  6. MidNite The Brat Charge Controller
  7. Kisae KI-SW2012-55 Sine Wave Inverter/Charger
  8. Kisae KI-SW1012-40
  9. OutBack FX2532MT
  10. Rolls Marine Battery 12-HHG-8D
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