Canadian Solar Energy Programs

Canadian Solar Energy Programs

Solar is becoming a large part of the Canadian Energy Solution

Across Canada, home owners are adding solar panels to their roofs in order to save electricity and to reduce their power bills. They are choosing to use their own solar energy first, and many homes meet 20-50% of their annual power needs from their rooftop system. They are choosing to use green energy over nuclear and coal. Since prices for solar power in Canada have fallen dramatically over the past 5 years, solar power systems are now affordable.

These Canadian Solar Energy Programs make it easier for Canadians to integrate solar power systems into their homes. Solar power systems last for decades, so home owners will continue to save money on their power bills for years to come. An investment in solar energy is an investment in your family's environmental and financial future.

HES PV offers Grid-Tie Systems that make it easier than ever to integrate a solar power system into your home. Our Canada-wide network of dealers and installers are ready to help you put solar to work in your home. Canadian Solar Energy Programs include MicroFIT, FIT, Net Metering, and MicroGen. To find out more about Canadian solar energy programs in your area, find your province or territory below.

Canada's Solar Potential and Insolation

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