Fowler Glassworks BIPV Products

Building Integrated Semi-Transparent Solar Glass Products by Fowler Glassworks

Our new line of glass/glass solar modules allow architectural features to generate electricity. Picture the opportunities for these semi-transparent glass panels: solariums, walkways, carports, shelters all offer some shade, daylighting and electricity generation. We offer solar panel products and systems that you can incorporate into your own designs, as well as turn-key systems, from small backyard systems to commercial solutions.

Glass-Glass Solar Modules

Our new line of glass on glass solar products are designed for flexibility and visual interest. Available in clear or coloured glass, solar now functions as an architectural material which can provide both beauty and electrical power to any project.

  • Each kit is rated at 1000 watts
  • Kits come complete with 5 solar panels, power electronics and metal frame
  • Each 1000 watt kit, if south facing and unshaded, can produce 1000 to 250 kWh annually.
Each kit comes complete with a power electronics package to convert the solar energy into synchronous AC power, to feed directly into your home or building. Anodized aluminum frames seal the solar panels together to form a rigid block 197" long by 67"

Solar Carports

Our Westcoast Solar Carport comes in single and double car sizes. It features a 2kW PV system in each bay. Depending on where you live, in direct, unshaded sunlight each kilowatt can produce >1000kWh per year. Since a typical home uses 10,000kWh per year, a single Solar Carport can produce 20% of a typical home's electrical needs, and a double up to 40%. The structure is quality cedar, and comes complete with the solar system, power electronics and wiring. If you are interested in a quote, contact us here

Our signature product is our 12’ x 21’ Carport frame constructed with tight knot Western Red Cedar. The semi-transparent solar canopy keeps cars dry, lets in natural light and produces electricity too.

  • 2kW glass/glass solar system
  • Sloped to face south at 10 degree tilt
  • Will deliver up to +2000 kWh/year depending on location
  • Enough energy to drive an EV 10,000km or
  • Provides up to 20% of a home electrical needs

  • Double carport with 4kW of semi-transparent solar modules

Solar Canopy and Walkways

Glass on Glass Solar Solutions: The ability to combine solar technology with glass allows us to revolutionize the way we use glass in our built environment. Any south facing glazing can be installed with Solar Glass. Use clear, colored or art glass in walkways, canopies and curtain walls. The possibilities are endless. Bring your design ideas to us and we will develop a custom system that is both functional and beautiful.

BIPV & Solar Art Glass Solutions

Sun Protectors – Sun Collectors: Solar glass is perfect to add to your existing sunshade system. By adding Solar Glass to your existing sunshade structure you add a renewable energy power source while reducing your electricity needs. A visual and practical addition to any sunshade, Solar Glass can be ordered in clear, coloured or with custom art glass, all while allowing natural light to cascade on your walkway beneath.

Signage –Way Finding: As a space-planning tool for large public spaces, parking lots, exterior stairwells, or other building designations, Solar Glass can act as way finding. By adding color to various areas you clearly mark spaces for both foot and vehicular traffic.


About Fowler Glassworks:

Sandra Fowler is a LEED AP, a member of Canada Green Building Council and Canadian Solar Industry Association, and specializes in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

"I have always been very close to nature and spent my youth canoeing and camping in Lake of the Woods, and continue my love for the water by kayaking here on the West Coast. This deep respect for nature has strongly influenced my life path and is the reason for my growing interest in photovotalics. One of the key elements to Earth’s sustainability is to develop renewable sources of energy and to reduce our present use of fossil fuels. Photovoltaics, the process by which we can harness solar energy, is one such renewable resource. Through my visual work I would like to help develop photovoltaics, bringing the unusual into the daily mindset of designers, builders and consumers alike.

"I studied Interior Design from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba where I was first introduced to solar power. I am delighted to now live on Vancouver Island where the influence of sustainable building practices are strongly encouraged. Attending lectures on environmental building practices I was introduced to the LEED building program. The Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design program is operated by the Canada Green Building Council, it is a system that has a set of standards that must be met in order for a building to qualify as “green”. In this way, the CaGBC helps to transform our building practices into sustainable buildings, a goal that will ultimately play a part in maintaining Earth’s sustainability.

"I am the first artist in Canada to hold the LEED AP status. This has equipped me to forge ahead into the area of Photovoltaics, integrating my visual art into architectural elements in structures and sculpture. I hope that in doing so, I will produce beautiful visual works of art that will not only enrich our lives but will be a renewable energy source."

For more information contact: Sandra Fowler, 250-893-9097,