Solar for Victoria, BC

HES Helps Bring Solar Power to Homes in Victoria, BC

There are dozens of homes in Victoria BC that are using solar electric power systems. The solar panels feed electricity into Victoria homes, and the owners use solar electricity first. Installed as part of BC Hydro's Net Metering program, these solar homes have reduced their power purchases by with solar electricity. It's a reliable, practical way to reduce electrical costs that all home owners can use. HES can help you conserve energy, use green renewable energy and reduce your electricity purchases by using solar energy!

Free Solar Assessment

Saving with Solar - It's Natural!

Why do home owners in Canada love solar electricity? First, solar prices have fallen to one third of the costs just 5 years ago, due to product innovation and the global solar explosion. Solar electric products last 30+ years or more and have proven they can reliably deliver power to a home without maintenance. And now we have reached Grid Parity in Canada, where the cost per kilowatt hour for solar electricity over the system life is cheaper than buying power from your local a utility.

Utility supplied electricity, on the other hand, is getting more expensive every year. Grab a Hydro bill, and look at the two tiered rates, the rate riders and the GST surcharges. Most utilities are raising rates between 5 and 10 per year, and price increases are still needed to cover the costs of network upgrades and new, cleaner generation.

HES Solar Electric Systems reduce the power you need to buy. You can take control of your power bills by providing 10 to 100% of your home’s electrical needs by installing solar panels. You can insure your power is clean. You can lower your operating costs, especially into your retirement. Your solar asset will increase your home’s value.

To learn more about how solar can be used to reduce your home's consumption, download our Solar-For-Victoria primer. Then ask about a Free Solar Assessment for your home.


HES MicroBlox Kits are modular, AC solar systems. Each MicroBlox system comes complete with quality solar modules, MicroInverters and the HES FastRack mounting system. Buy one or ten, start small and build big, these plug and play kits allow for easy system Installation and expansion. And if your roof space is limited, or has dormers and valleys, or has slopes facing in different directions MicroBlox kits maximize your solar production.

MicroBlox Solar System Features:
  • Maximized energy production with panel by panel conversion
  • Superior products with the industry’s best 25 year warranty
  • Fully Canadian Electric Code complaint
  • HES Flashing Kits protect the roof from leaks
  • Modular and ready for expansion

Learn more about HES MicroBlox Here →

Net Metering

People living in Victoria, BC can participate in BC Hydro's Net Metering Program. Solar systems produce lots of power during the day, but not always when you need it. Net Metering allows you to store the kilowatt hours of electricity for use later.

How does it work? You are essentially turning the meter backwards, building a credit for all energy not needed. It flows through the meter and out to the street. Net Metered customers have a two way meter that keeps track of energy flows in both directions. If you sell 50 kWh during the day, at night you get 50kWh for free. Nothing is wasted – you are simply putting power through your meter and creating credit you can use later.

Learn more about BC Hydro's Net Metering Program here-->

Free Solar Home Assessment

Does your home receive direct sunlight on its roof during the day? Is there unobstructed roof space ready for solar panels? How much area for solar does your house offer and how much energy can you expect? These are questions that together we can answer.

HES and its dealers offer a free assessment to determine the suitability of your home for solar electricity. Simply complete our

Free Solar Assessment form.

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  14. HES-GT-5.0 Grid-Tie System
  15. MicroBlox MB-520B
  16. MicroBlox MB-500S
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