Municipal Operations Centre

The Customer

Also the second largest local electricity distribution company in Ontario, PowerStream is in the business of developing, owning, operating and maintaining solar PV projects.

PowerStream hired HES PV to install a turnkey photovoltaic power plant at the Municipal Operations Centre on Ferndale Drive in Barrie, Ontario. HES PV was asked to complete each project from the design stage to commissioning.

PowerStream will sell electricity from this project to the OPA under the FIT Contract.

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This almost 300kW solar PV project was installed by HES PV and is spread over two roofs at the City of Barrie Operations Centre.

The first is a large sloped metal roof (4/12 pitch) located on the Salt Shed and the second is on the Operations Centre itself. The Operations Centre has two areas to be used for the array; both sections are almost flat and have very few roof obstructions. To match the output of the panels located on the Salt Shed, this array will be tilted at aproximately 18 degrees.

Products used in this project include:

  • 1222 x 245W modules
  • Fast-Rack racking system by Power House and HES PV
  • Monitoring system by Draker Labs
  • DC string combiner boxes by Advanced Energy
  • Inverter by PV Powered (Advanced Energy)

A snow guard was requested for the Salt Shed. HES PV designed and installed a Snow Retention system that, combined with the existing SnoBlox system, will provide a deterrent from snow and ice avalanches.

More Information
SKU Ops Centre
Location Barrie, ON
Year of Completion 2012
Project Size 299.39kW
Key Feature Turnkey, fully compliant FIT project with Advanced Energy 250kW inverter including Draker monitoring
Data Sheet Spec Sheet coming soon.