Metchosin Solar Home: 1.75kW Solar System Lowers Power Costs

Why Install a Solar Electric System in Victoria?

The owners have wanted to significantly reduce electricity costs and fix their home operating costs into the future. With BC Hydro rate increases of 9% this year, they wanted to offset the increase with less demand for utility power, without sacrificing comfort. They have a well exposed south facing roof, ideal for solar. As a couple they are also conscious of environmental issues. A solar system helps them save electricity and they are pleased to be using green, renewable energy at their home.

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The owners of this home are retired, own a hybrid car, and have a lovely remodeled 1970s home. This year they added a 1.75kW solar system on a south facing slope. With excellent solar exposure this system will generate in excess of 1900kWh per year, and result in a serious reduction of their electrical purchases.


20% of their electrical needs for the next 25 to 30 years. Production of +1,900kWh per year.

The system was installed by Ric Perron Electrical - a local Victoria electrical company with solar and EV charging stations experience. Ph: 1-250-881-0776.
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SKU Metchosin_Solar_ System
Location Victoria, BC
Year of Completion 2014
Project Size 2.2kW
Key Feature Net Metering provides a credit for solar power generated against BC Hydro consumption
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