5.61kW Logging Camp

The Customer

Cuttle Lake Resort runs a remote off grid system year round and is focused on self sustainability. The goal for this project was to install a solar system that produced enough power to reduce the run time of the current 10kW Diesel generator. This would reduce generator maintenance and fuel requirements in addition to reducing generator noise and exhaust gases. This solar project includes a dining area and kitchen, as well as several cabins for guests.

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HES PV designed a 5.6kW solar system and installed it on a south-facing rack in addition to a tracker rack. The solar panels feed 4 Schneider XW6048 inverters and a 2300Ah battery bank. When there is solar energy, the batteries are charged thus offsetting the generator run time. The inverters are equipped to automatically start the generator when required.

More Information
SKU Cuttle Lake
Location Thunder Bay, ON
Year of Completion 2010
Project Size 5.61kW
Key Feature The owner used a generator 24/7 before the system was installed. Post installation, the generator is used 2hrs/day.
Data Sheet 5.61kW Logging Camp