Gordon Head Solar Home: 8kW Solar System Lowers Power Costs

Why Install a Solar Electric System in Victoria?

The owners of this Gordon Head home have a Leaf 100% Electric Car. Initially have wanted to provide enough solar energy to offset the needs of the car. This was so successful, they added 6.5kW to the roof to power even more of their home. They now have a significant portion of their electrical need met by their solar system, and significantly lower electrical bills. With BC Hydro rate increases of 9% already in place for 2014, and more planned for the next 5 years, their solar electricity becomes more valuable every year.

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This solar system uses Hanwha 250 watt solar modules. The advantages of Hanwha Solar Products include an industry leading 25 year power output warranty, 12 years on workmanship, and positive power tolerances when manufactured. Coupled with Enphase microInverters, the system maximizes daily power production in all weather conditions. It also mitigates the effects of shading with each panel/inverter combination operating at its Maximum Power Point.


Production of +8.8kWh per year, resulting in significantly lower utility costs for the next +30 years

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SKU Gordon_Head_8KW
Location Victoria, BC
Year of Completion 2014
Project Size 2.2kW
Key Feature Net Metering provides a credit for solar power generated against BC Hydro consumption
Data Sheet No