The Customer

As part of a commitment to reduce energy consumption and promote energy independence, the School District hired HES PV to complete feasibility studies on their schools and assess the viability of using solar to reduce their energy consumption.

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HES PV LIMITED completed four solar feasibility studies, with a combined output of 150kW solar systems over four sites. Two of the sites were selected to be installed. The project was initiated by student interest and seen through to the final install with student installers.

HES PV worked closely with the School District in all phases of the project, including the design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and with the BC Hydro Net Metering administration. The students involved received PV training and gained valuable work experience while helping with the installation. System power output is monitored and the data used by the teaching staff to demonstrate the value of solar.

More Information
SKU educational-solar
Location Nakusp, BC
Year of Completion 2015
Project Size 46kW Community Grid-Tie
Key Feature Educational Showcase
Data Sheet Educational Solar Showcase