Educational Solar Project

The Customer

A solar system on a school is a perfect showcase for renewable technologies. Not only is it seen by students and parents but it becomes a teaching tool for the next generation of innovators, business people and decision makers. School solar power systems need to look good and offer data collection and display.

Educational Solar Project

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HES PV designed a 2.45kW solar system and mounted it directly on the slope of the roof. The solar panels are secured to the roof with anodized aluminum rails and all wiring is secured and hidden under the solar panels. HES PV used a special clamp that attaches to Standing Seam roofs, avoiding roof penetrations.

The solar system is wired to the inverter with high voltage DC wiring. This keeps the wire sizes small and manageable. The inverter converts the solar power to AC power and synchronizes this with the building's utility power.

This system was designed to exceed a 25 year life span. All components are approved to CSA standards and are of high quality. There is no expected maintenance on the system and HES PV’s rooftop solar systems have an expected energy production of 1.1 MWh/yr/kW installed.

More Information
SKU Educational Solar Project
Location Dover Bay, BC
Year of Completion 2009
Project Size 2.45kW
Key Feature No
Data Sheet Educational Solar Project