Solar for Farms

Solar for Farms

Solar Energy - An Investment that Pays

Net Metering offers the canadians a unique opportunity: selling solar electricity!

Solar Design

The initial step is to assess your farm, determine the optimum solar system for you, and predict the performance and revenue generation potential. We can do this with photographs, Google Earth and perhaps a site visit. If you decide to proceed, we’ll survey your buildings, perform a structural assessment, and recommend roof reinforcement if necessary. Our team will and do the mechanical and electrical designs and plan your installation. With our 25 years of experience with solar systems, our expertise is strong and professional.

Equipment Choice

HES stocks solar electric equipment. Our brands include Hanwha Solar, SolarEdge, AP systems and Fronius. All products are first quality – HES is committed to using only the best in our systems. A Net-metering System needs reliable equipment from reliable manufacturers. We believe our brands will be just as strong in 10 or 15 years, when others brands are less certain. It’s your investment – why choose less than the best?

Project Management

From start to finish, HES will work with our Installer network to manage your complete project. We’ll handle the application process, to the utility. We’ll design all aspects of your system, from structural to electrical using our Engineers. From installation to commissioning, we’ll work with your LDC to approve connection methods, and the safety authority to ensure everything is installed to code.


Once your Farm PV system is approved by your LDC, we’ll bring work with our network of professionals to install it.. Our roof penetrations are secure and won’t leak. Our mounting systems put fewer holes in the roof, and are the strongest in the industry. Our solar arrays are meticulously installed, and you will be proud to show them off.

Farm Specialists

From start to finish, HES help you manage your complete project. We have experience in doing all types of farm solar systems across Canada


We offer computer monitoring packages that let you watch your revenue accumulate from your roof. You can have a monitoring package installed for your system – we are experts!

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  1. 5.61kW Logging Camp
  2. Grid-tied 17 kW Solar Farm
  3. Grid-tied 4.7 kW roofmounted system (Acreage just outside of Saskatoon)
  4. Qualman 2-Tier-Ground Mount
  5. HES-GT-10 Grid-Tie System
  6. 7kW First Nations EV Charging Station
  7. BC Solar Home Example: 10kW Grid-Tie Backup System
  8. 124kW Rural Riding Arena
  9. The RSD
  10. Rapid Shutdown PV Box-4 inputs
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