7kW First Nations EV Charging Station

The Customer

This customer is a First Nations community focused on sustainable living. The goal for this project was to install a solar system that produced more power on an annual basis than the building uses. The building is a community centre with a large kitchen and meeting hall.

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HES PV designed a 7kW solar system and installed it on a south-facing roof. The solar panel brackets are carefully sealed to the roof and hidden from view. The solar panels feed a Xantrex inverter system which synchronizes the solar output with utility power and their EV charging stations. When there is excess solar energy, the meter spins backwards giving the customer a credit on their utility bill.

A computer display in the community centre shows everyone what the solar system is doing. It logs the day’s production and how much energy has been produced since installation. It has become a teaching tool for the community and has helped enhance energy awareness and promote energy conservation.

More Information
SKU 7kW Grid-Tie Flush Roof Mount & EV Charging Station
Location T’Sou-ke, BC
Year of Completion 2009
Project Size 7kW
Key Feature 6kW backup system in the event of a power failure
Data Sheet 7kW Grid-Tie Flush Roof Mount