2.4kW Solar Electric System Provides Backup Too

The Customer

This couple and their teenager lives on an rural acreage in Western Canada. They wanted a solar system that produces a significant portion of their energy needs and provides some backup in the event of a power failure. Their goal was to run a pellet furnace, lighting and a water pump for their 3000 sq. ft. home.

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They installed a Sharp 2400W solar system on the south-facing slope of the roof. The solar panels are expected to produce about 2900kWh of energy per year. The system neatly integrated onto their black shingle roof. The inverter system mounted in a cabinet in their utility room, close to the electrical panel.

The Sharp solar array will produce electricity for at least 3 decades and the panels have a 25 year warranty.

The inverter system selected for this project was the HES-BP-SR-8. It features a battery backup system to help run the house for 48 hours or more in the event of a power failure. The customers experienced a 3-day power failure this past winter but they were able to heat their home and remain warm and cosy.

More Information
SKU HES-BP-SR-8 OnEnergy 2376
Location Quesnel, BC
Year of Completion 2008
Project Size 2.4kW
Key Feature Solar provides 25% of home's electrical needs annually
Data Sheet HES-BP-SR-8 OnEnergy 2376