2.9kW Mountain Top Repeater Site

The Customer

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is the regional government for the 13 municipalities and 3 electoral areas that are located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The CRD provides regional governance and services for the entire Capital Region, including regional parks, regional planning, solid waste management (including recycling) and emergency 9-1-1 services.

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HES PV designed a 2.1kW solar and 800W wind hybrid system to power the CRD’s new mountain top radio site. The solar panel and wind generator brackets are integrated into the container for the power system. The solar panels feed an OutBack inverter system which optimizes the solar output for peak battery performance. The system is split to isolate the critical loads from normal loads and incorporates full system monitoring via a SCADA interface. Using the communication package, the load and renewable energy currents can be monitored in real time and trends can be recorded to determine available power capacity and the overall health of the system.

More Information
SKU 2.9kW Mountain Top Repeater Site
Location Vancouver Island, BC
Year of Completion 2009
Project Size 2.9kW
Key Feature Hybrid of solar/wind and generator
Data Sheet 2.9 Kw Repeater Site