HES-GT-2.5 Grid-Tie System

Our popular 2.5 kW complete grid-tie system is a great way to reduce your electrical consumption and to start using solar energy at your home.

Depending on your location and exposure, the HES-GT-2.5 Grid-Tie System will generate up to 2500 to 3300 kWh of electricity per year, or 20% of a typical Canadian home's use which is 10,000 kWh per year.

Complete system kit with quality Hanwha Solar modules, Fronius DC-AC inverter and Fast-Rack mounting system.

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The HES-GT-2.5 Grid-Tie System has everything you need to participate in Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Program or Net Metering program in any province.

The powerful rooftop solar system features Hanwha Solar modules – a reliable brand name you can trust to deliver rated power for decades. Hanwha Solar panels feature the toughest 25 year warranty in the industry and their high efficiency silicon solar cells maximize the output per area.

The HES-GT-2.5 includes a Fronius IG 3.0 inverter for performance and reliability. With the optional data card, you can have online performance monitoring. The Fast-Rack Low Profile mounting system is strong, yet lightweight, and minimizes roof penetrations. Rooftop wiring also included.

Array Dimensions: 2' x 5' or 1' x 10' approximate.


  • Flashings for shingle roofs
  • Ground mounts
  • Monitoring
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