The Ontario Power Authority announced it is resuming normal operations for the microFIT Program. Kindly see the notice below from the OPA, also available here.
 June 19, 2014: Program update The OPA is resuming normal operations for the microFIT Program. This includes processing new applications, issuing Application Approval Notices and updating the status of applications as appropriate. Please allow a few weeks for a status update to be issued as the microFIT team works through the volume of applications received during the writ period. On Tuesday, June 24, the premier will be appointing the energy minister.  Even if there is a change for this position, we can see from the above notice that it will be business as usual for the FIT and MicroFIT programs.  The prediction is that the new administration will continue with the implementation of the Energy plan and the four year plan to procure renewable energy. (50MW/year for MicroFIT).  There may be some changes coming with the processing of contracts and a transition from the OPA to IESO.