With the rising popularity of residential solar installations on Canadian roofs, it is time to get this little refresher out there for our installers and homeowners alike. Since the vast majority of Canadian homes have asphalt shingle roofs it is important for installers to be familiar with Fast-Racks mounting options.

This edition of Fast-Rack Tech Talk focuses on the FR-Talon’s unique characteristics and the benefits of installing systems using the FR-Talon.

Before we delve into the features of the FR-Talon let’s look at some of the different Asphalt shingles available on the market.


Shingles can be classified in to two categories:

1) The standard sheet style shingles, with flat uniform fronts.

2) More decorative shingles with woven or interlocking patterns.

Regardless of the type of shingle on you have or come across the FR-Talon has the ability to securely attach itself to the roof and anchor your array.

When working with flat shingles, the traditional lag screw anchors work well and are a viable solution. However the FR-Talon is easier to layout and installs in less time, because the FR-Talon Base anchors securely to the roof sheathing instead of the trusses. An added bonus is the knowledge that the FR-Talon is ideally suited for interlocking shingle roofs, where lag screws attachments are typically difficult or impossible to locate.

Installation time is further saved because the installation of the FR-Talon does not require hunting for studs nor does it require drilling pilot holes due to the small diameter for the #10 screws. Simply measure out the array footprint, determine the location of the centerline of the array and the rails, locate the assembled base plate on the desired row of shingles, measure out spans between FR-Talons (typically 48”) and mark the all locations. Once the locations are marked installation proceeds quickly with a cordless drill and #10 screws. Ensure sufficient length to fully penetrate the roof sheathing for secure anchoring.

Testing has shown that the FR-Talon saves approximately 20% of the installation time when compared with more traditional lag screw anchoring systems.

Not only is the FR-Talon quicker to install when compared to traditional lag screw systems, it also offers additional protection and peace of mind with it's triple layer water protection. This includes a layer of Butyl sealant between the roof shingles and FR-Talon Base, as well as between the second layer of Butyl between FR-Talon Base and the custom flashing. Finally the flashing itself diverts water away from the anchor site and follow best roof practices by having the flashing extend upslope under the second course of shingles above the penetration.

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Daniel Partridge, EIT.