Canada's Own – Rolls High Capacity Renewable Energy Batteries

Batteries are the energy reservoir in solar power systems, and it is important to choose the size and type of battery carefully. Manufactured by Surrette Battery Company Ltd. in Springhill, NS, Rolls-branded deep cycle models have a well-earned reputation and their flooded & maintenance-free AGM renewable energy batteries are the preferred storage solution for solar systems in both Canada and the US. It's a reputation based on capacity, cycling performance and long life. Since we began in business in 1988, our customers have worn out a lot of batteries, and we can unequivocally say that Rolls batteries are the most reliable for medium and larger PV systems made.

What makes a Rolls battery better?

  • Rolls Battery renewable energy batteries are designed for cycling performance - repeated discharges over and over
  • Extra thick plates offer more capacity and longer life
  • The unique "resistox" plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery.
  • Backed by industry leading warranties

Rolls 4000 Series

The most popular batteries for small and mid-size home energy systems! Rolls quality, long life, high capacity and reliable performance in a manageable building block, at 127 lbs. Ideal for home and cottage solar systems. Models include: Models include:

Rolls Heavy Duty High Capacity 5000 Seri

The 5000 Series models offer high capacity solar batteries and extended cycle life for off-grid homes and lodges. The unique dual-container construction means each cell has a durable polypropylene outer container covering the cell interconnects, and protecting the battery from physical damage. Other features:
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 & 12V batteries, with up to 4860Ah capacity
  • Dual-container design keeps cell tops clean and protected
  • 10 year warranty (3 year full replacement, 7 year pro-rated)
  • Rolls 5000 Series →

Rolls Maintenance-Free AGM Batteries

Rolls AGM VRLA line is a great choice for solar system owners seeking the advantage of sealed and maintenance free designs. With extra thick plates, Rolls AGM models offer superior cycle life over other sealed batteries. Ideal for home, telcom and marine applications. Rolls AGM features include:
  • Maintenance-free and spillproof
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Ideal for residential and industrial systems
  • • 7 year warranty (2 year full replacement, 5 year pro-rated in renewable energy applications)
  • Rolls AGM Sealed Batteries→

Rolls Batteries - The Best Solar Battery You Can Buy - And Made in Canada!

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  1. S6-275-AGM Rolls Battery
  2. Rolls S-1450
  3. Rolls S-550, 6V , 550Ah Solar Battery by Surrette
  4. Rolls S2-1275AGM
  5. Rolls S6-460AGM
  6. Rolls 6CS-25P
  7. Rolls 6CS-17P
  8. Rolls R12-100AGM Battery
  9. Rolls Marine Battery 12-HHG-8D
  10. Rolls 6CS-21PS – Solar Battery, 6V, 963AHr
  11. Rolls 4KS-21PS – Solar Battery, 4V, 1550 AHr
  12. Rolls 4CS-17PS – Solar Battery
  13. Rolls 2KS-33P
  14. Rolls S-1380
  15. Rolls4KS-25P
  16. Rolls S12-128AGM – Solar Battery, 12V, 128AHr
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