Why Qcells?

Qcells is one of the top 10 global manufacturers of solar modules. While Solar is a key business for them, Hanwha has the advantage of being diversified into the chemical, manufacturing and financial industries.

HES-PV believes the Qcells brand is the right choice for residential and commercial solar systems in Canada. Hanwha offers:

  • Diversified, stable long term company, over 100 years old
  • Superior products with the industry’s best 25 year warranty
  • Leading edge efficiencies, performance and reliability

The Company

  • Globally diverse with plants including Korea, China and Canada
  • Has over 100MW of PV installed in Canada
  • Bankability: Financial companies recognize Hanwha as a quality and low risk manufacturer

The Technology

  • Fully vertical: Hanwha refines silicon, makes its own wafers and panels
  • Hanwha owns Q-Cells, a German leader in high efficiency solar cells
  • Produces higher efficiency modules
  • Both mono and poly solar cells

The Quality

  • +82% Power Output guaranteed at 25 years
  • Linear rather than stepped warranty
  • Positive tolerance to +5W on all modules in Canada

Qcells Solar Panels

Qcells solar modules feature high efficiency poly and mono solar cells. The 250W product is available with Ontario Content for MicroFIT systems of 10kW and less, and are manufactured in Ontario. Higher output modules up to 270w are also available. The HSL series are ideal for off-grid, non-content systems and the rest of Canada. All modules feature Qcells industry leading warranty, with a 12 year manufacturers warranty and a linear power output guarantee.

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  1. Hanwha HSC-250-60P
  2. QCELL-385-72DUO Solar Panel
  3. QCELLS HSQ-305HD-60P
  4. Q.PEAK L-G4.2 370 W, 72 Cell Module
  5. Qcells BLK-295_60QPEAK
  6. Q.Peak Duo 320W
  7. HSQ-345-72P
  8. QCELL L-G4.2 365 W, 72 Cell Module
  9. HSQ-330-72P
  10. Qcells BLK-290_60QPEAK
  11. Qcells 300W PERC 60Cell Solar Panel HSQ-300HD-60P
  12. Hanwha HSC-230-60P
  13. Hanwha HSC-225-60P
  14. Hanwha HSL-250
  15. Hanwha HSQ-340-72P
  16. Hanwha HSL-315-72P
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