ProHarvest 3-Phase Grid-Tie Inverters

ProHarvest's innovative products use the latest solid state components, packaged in a completely sealed, NEMA6 waterproof enclosure. Combining intelligent software with robust power conversion has brought a breakthrough in performance and efficiency, with string by string MPPT. With a 10 year warranty and an optional upgrade to 25 years, these inverters offer excellent production and long life.

ProHarvest’s Micro-MicroInverter approach is what sets them apart. With an 8kW/5.75kW building block (suitable for 2 strings of modules), their small size allows for installation underneath the solar panels, like a MicroInverter. This lowers overall system costs, requires less wire and eliminates typical inverter mounting challenges. Simplified design for a cheaper and easier solar installation; now that’s innovation!

Why Use ProHarvest Inverters?

  • Lowest Inverter costs for 3-Phase systems up to 250kW
  • Like MicroInverters, the 8/5.75kW Modular approach offers redundancy and protection from downtime
  • Inverters can be located under panels, simplified installation
  • Lower installation costs with less wiring
  • Greater annual production

ProHarvest Inverter Features:

  • Each inverter has dual MPPT to improve harvest and allows different string sizes
  • 97.5% efficient
  • True 3-Phase output
  • String voltages up to 1000VDC allows more modules in series, and lowers wiring costs
  • -40C temperature rating, NEMA-6 Enclosure is full waterproof for outdoor installation
  • Convective cooling so no fans to fail

End-User Features:

  • Arc-Fault protected, Built-In rapid shutdown
  • Greater energy harvest with string level Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • cUL Approved, anti-islanding and true 3-phase output
  • String level monitoring via line carrier
  • Free monitoring for life with Gateway purchase
  • Economical 25 year warranty upgrade
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  1. ProHarvest 5.75kW 208V Grid Tie Inverter
  2. ProHarvest 8kW 480V Grid Tie Inverter
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