Off-Grid, AC Coupled Inverters and Charge Controllers

Outback is one of the oldest US inverter manufacturers, with a range of quality products for off-grid and grid-tie with backup. Their power conversion technology includes the pioneering Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, the FM-60 and FM-80 that are the industry standard today for home systems.

Outback's products unique features include:

  • Reliable and efficient power conversion
  • Wide range of adjustability and user controlled options
  • Many products for backup, grid-tie with backup and off-grid applications

Feature: 8kW Radian Inverter

  • Combined 120/240V input and output mates with larger generators
  • 8kW output handles large home and lodge AC loads
  • Stackable for 16+ kW systems
  • Also functions as AC Coupled Grid-Tie inverter with battery backup

FX Series Inverters

  • Full range of sizes from 2000 to 3500 watts
  • Sealed models for industrial and marine applications
  • Grid-tie backup models from 2500 to 3500 watts
  • Powerful off-grid inverter/chargers from 2800 to 3500 watts
  • Seamless integration with Outback Charge Controllers

MPPT Charge Controllers

  • 60 and 80 amp models, works on all 12/24 and 48V systems
  • Accept DC inputs up to 150VDC to simplify wiring
  • Full metering with data logging
  • Integrates and communicates with all Outback inverter products

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  1. OutBack Radian GS8048A
  2. OutBack GSLC Load Center
  3. OutBack SkyBox
  4. FLEXware ICS Plus 1
  5. FLEXware ICS Plus 2
  6. FLEXware ICS Plus 4
  7. OutBack FLEXmax 100
  8. OutBack MATE3s
  9. Prewired GSLC-- GS4048 only, PV breaker
  10. Outback Prewired GSLC-175A, 120/240V
  11. Outback Prewired GSLC-GS8048 240V, PV breakers
  12. OutBack FXR2012A
  13. OutBack FXR3048A
  14. OutBack FXR2524A
  15. OutBack FX3048T
  16. OutBack FX2532MT
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