Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy

Powerful Off-Grid Inverters for Home and Cottage

You can’t beat Magnum for value and features in a compact package. The ideal inverter for cottage and small home systems, Magnums feature plenty of power to run your AC loads, and Power Factor Corrected battery chargers to deliver more charge current from small generators. With easy to use status meter/remote control and either modified sine wave (RD/ME/MM Series) or pure sine wave output (MS/PAE/MMS Series).

Why home and cottage owners choose Magnum inverters:

  • Reliable performance with 3 year warranties on most models
  • High surge capacity for big loads like pumps
  • Clean AC power for sensitive loads

Most Popular: Magnum MS Series

  • Pure Sinewave output for all residential loads
  • Power ratings from 2000 to 4000 watts
  • Power Factor Corrected battery charging uses less generator time
  • Fully adjustable with optional ME-Remote display
  • 12/24/48V models

Most Powerful - Magnum PAE Series

  • Dual 120/240VAC Sinewave output
  • Charger works with both 120 and 240V generators
  • 4000 watt models, 24VDC or 48VDC
  • Fully adjustable with optional ME-Remote display
  • Stackable for double or triple the power

Magnum E-Panels

  • Complete installation package for all Magnum inverters
  • Integrated DC breaker, AC in/AC out breakers and PV breakers
  • Fully prewired and ready for code compliant installations
  • Options: charge controller, lightning protection, battery state of charge metering
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  1. Magnum MS2012
  2. Magnum MS4448PAE
  3. Magnum MS4024PAE
  4. Magnum MMS1012
  5. Magnum MS4024
  6. Magnum MS2812
  7. Magnum MSH4024M
  8. Magnum MM1512AE
  9. Magnum Panel
  10. Magnum Energy ME2012 – Inverter\Charger
  11. Magnum Smart Battery Combiner
  12. PT100 Regulator and Input Breaker
  13. Magnum Energy MINI MAGNUM PANEL - 250A DC & 30D AC
  14. Magnum Energy ME-ARTR - Advanced Router Remote
  15. Magnum Energy MPXS175-30D-L -Extension Box -30A
  16. Magnum Energy - BP-D Double Back Plate
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