The Fast-Rack Rail System was designed to speed the installation of large scale PV arrays on sloped roofs with a minimum number of roof penetrations.

Fast-Rack Innovations:

  • MADE IN CANADA - Rails are extruded in Canada, Tariff-free and no USA content.
  • STRONGER RAILS - With up to 64” / 48” span between roof connections, Fast-Rack installs with fewer penetrations and less time.
  • INTEGRATED GROUNDING - Using patented grounding solutions, the rails bond the panel to the system ground, eliminating panel ground lugs and wires.
  • EASY RAIL LEVELING -  With rail height adjustment of 2”, Fast-Racks are easy to level on a not so flat roof. Great looking solar systems with less labour.
  • SELF-SEALING ROOF BOLTS - EJOT Anchor Bolts, capable of up to 5” of roof penetration, secure the Fast-Rack rails to roof trusses through metal roofs. Integrated gaskets help to seal anchors for faster, cleaner installation.
  • ULTRA-FLASH and TALONS -Fast-Rack has 2 flashing options for shingle roofs: Talons use 1.5: screws to attach to roof decking and Ultra-Flash uses 4" SS lag screws to secure to trusses. Both are self sealing.

Fast-Rack Advantages Webinar:

Fast-Rack T-Bolts

  • Drop into the rail slot, then twist
  • Faster installation and safer on the roof
  • Used for module clamps and L-Feet
  • All stainless-steel

Fast-Rack Decorative Flashings

  • Matte black metal flashings hide rails and wiring
  • Quick installation to Fast-Rack rails
  • Ideal for Hanwha black framed modules

Fast-Rack Ultra Speeds Installs while the Talon Makes Rafter Hunting Obsolete!

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  1. Fast-Rack Heavy Duty Rail System
  2. Fast-Rack Ultra Rail System for Sloped Roofs
  3. Fast-Rack 2 Tier Ground Mount – 2T-GMX-HD
  4. Fast-Rack Talon
  5. Fast-Rack GMX Caribou Kit
  6. FastRack Mid Clamp for 43 to 50mm Frames IG
  7. FastRack Mid Clamp for 32 to 40mm Black Frames
  8. FastRack FR-VRM2-UNI Roof Mount 60/72C
  9. Fast Rack FR-RAIL-HD-20
  10. Fast Rack Heavy Duty Rail - FR-RAIL-HD-7
  11. Fast Rack 13mm Deep Socket EACH
  12. Fast Rack FR-RAIL-HD-13
  13. FastRack Mid Clamp for 35 to 40mm IG BLACK
  14. FastRack Mid Clamp for 32 to 40mm Frames IG
  15. FastRack Mid Clamp for 32 to 35mm IG BLACK
  16. Fast-Rack ULTRA Flash Kit for Shingle Roofs
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