Enphase MicroInverters

Enphase is the global pioneer of MicroInverter technology. Each solar module is connected to its own inverter, allowing peak production on a module by module basis. Greater production, increased reliability and simplified installation are just some of the benefits.

They do this with an innovative approach:

  • Each solar panel connects to its own Enphase MicroInverter, installed behind each solar panel
  • Enphase MicroInverters offer panel level MPPT to maximize individual panel performance
  • Each MicroInverter outputs 240VAC, and connects to the Enphase Engage cable
  • The 240V power off the roof connects directly to the electrical system

MicroInverter Advantages

  • Maximizes output in partially shaded conditions
  • Allows different rated modules and sizes in the same array
  • Simplifies wiring with AC power off the roof
  • 25 year warranty

Design Flexibility

  • Allows for any system size - From single panel system to hundreds
  • Allows modules to be placed on different slopes and facing different ways
  • Easy system expansion in the future


  • Panel level performance monitoring with the Enphase Envoy
  • Available on web, tablets or phones
  • Data can be downloaded into Excel

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  1. Enphase M215-US
  2. Enphase IQ6PLUS-72-US Microinverter
  3. Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-US Microinverter
  4. Enphase IQ 7
  5. Enphase IQ Envoy™ Communications Gateway EN-COMM-IQ
  6. Envoy Comm S version
  7. Enphase IQ 6
  8. Envoy Comm S With Revenue Mtr
  9. Enphase M250-60-72
  10. Enphase AC Battery
  11. Enphase C250 MicroInverter
  12. Enphase Engage Trunk Cable
  13. Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway
  14. Enphase M250-US
  15. Enphase M215-ON
  16. Enphase Cellmodem
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