APsystems YC500A MicroInverter

The newest innovation in MicroInverters for residential solar systems. The economical YC500A has dual MPPT channels, maximizing the solar production from 2 solar panels in a single unit. High production efficiency (97%) and ideal for partially shaded roofs. With the ECU communications unit, system owners get module level production monitoring. 10 year warranty is upgradable to 25 years.

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The APsystems YC-500A is full of features:

    • * 500W size with dual MPPT inputs
    • * Mates perfectly with 60 or 72 cell module up to 320 watts
    • * Minimizes the effects of partial shading by maximizing each panel's performance
    • * Lowest cost GT MicroInverter
    • * 2 panels per inverter reduces rooftop time and number of pieces of equipment installed
    • * AC cable is built into inverter, and plus into the next inverter - no trunk cable needed
    • * Free monitoring with purchase of ECU Communications Gateway
    • * Panel level production available to end users for no extra fee
    • * No need to find space for inverters - their NEMA6 rating and small size allows them to be located on the panel mounts, or directly on the roof.
    • * Simple and fast installation saves >$0.15W on system costs by:
    • - eliminating DC combiners
    • - eliminating extra Rapid-Shutdown equipment
    • - eliminating DC and AC disconnects
    • 10 year warranty and upgradable to 25 years


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