APsystems Communication Gateway - ECU-4

The Energy Communication Unit monitors the production of the solar connected through the APsystems inverters, and uploads this to a user page online. Monitoring is free for the system life, and show module level production. Easy to install, using power line communications for the data.Wireless features add convenience to installation, eliminating the need for a hard line ethernet cable and allowing installers to connect to the ECU using any wireless device to view production and adjust settings

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The new, more advanced APsystems ECU-V4 Communications Gateway logs panel by panel performance data in real-time and uploads to a dedicated web page for the site. This information may be accessed through a smart phone or tablet, or over an Ethernet network.

  • Integrated WiFi connection
  • Hotspot generator for monitoring on phones/tablets
  • Ethernet connection for connection to a local LAN
  • Communications Gateway is for indoor use only
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Data Sheet AP Systems ECU Spec Sheet
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