Why AP Systems Solar Inverters?

APsystems is leading the industry in solar microinverter technology, by putting more power and efficiency into your solar array.

APsystems offer superior value, performance and the highest quality Tier 1 quality.

  • SMART - APS lets you track the performance of each module through any web-enabled device.
  • POWERFUL - up to 20% more powerfull than conventional “string” systems
  • COST EFFECTIVE - A single APS microinverter handles two PV modules, significantly lowering costs.

AP systems

The Products

  • YC-500A, 500W dual inverter
  • YC-500i, 548W dual inverter for higher powered modules
  • YC-1000, 900W quad inverter for 3 phase systems
  • ECU Performance Monitoring Console

APSystems Advantages

  • Maximizes Panel Level solar production
  • Allows solar to be placed on different roof pitches
  • Simplifies wiring - 240V AC off the roof
  • Higher efficiency power conversion
  • Panel Level solar production monitoring
  • Modular approach allows future expansion

Performance Security

  • Fully guaranteed for 10 years
  • Economical Warranty Upgrade Option to 25 years
  • NEMA 6 waterproof construction
  • Multiple units increase overall production reliability
  • Approved to CSA standards

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  1. APsystems YC500A MicroInverter
  2. APsystems Communication Gateway - ECU-4
  6. APS-PLUG-500I
  7. APS-TRCAP-YC500
  8. APS-TRP-YC-600I
  9. APsystems MicroInverter YC1000-3 3phase 208VAC
  10. APSystems Monitor for YC1000 Series
  11. APS-AC-EXT-4M
  12. APS-AC-EXT
  13. APS-1000-TR-4M
  14. APS Inverter YC1000-3 3phase 480VAC
  15. APsystems YC500i MicroInverter
  16. APsystems YC600 MicroInverter
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