9.5kW Grid-Tie Sharp OnEnergy Roof Mount

The Customer

This rural customer, close to Lake Ontario, had wanted to solar power their character farmhouse for a long time. With two ideal south-facing roofs over their garage and garden shed, they went ahead with a Sharp OnEnergy system in the summer of 2009.

9.5kW Grid-Tie Sharp OnEnergy Roof Mount

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Working with a local installer, Real Energy Alternatives, HES PV designed a 9.4kW solar system and mounted it directly on the slope of the two roofs. Using Sharp’s OnEnergy racking system, the arrays were neatly mounted to the sheet metal roofing materials, hiding all of the wiring. The output passed through two inverters which synchronized the power to match the utility.

As part on Ontario’s microFIT Program, the electricity is sold to the Ontario Power Authority. The annual revenue should significantly exceed their electrical costs, resulting in a net revenue stream from their utility.

More Information
SKU 9.5kW Grid-Tie Sharp OnEnergy Roof Mount
Location Lake Ontario, ON
Year of Completion 2009
Project Size 9.5kW
Key Feature One of Ontario’s first microFIT systems
Data Sheet 9.5kW Grid-Tie Sharp OnEnergy Roof Mount