250kW Grid-Tie

The Customer

EFIT Solar Energy is based out of The Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, Ontario, and is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for commercial, residential and farming customers. Their construction team has 25 years of experience as a commercial general contractor. Assistance was needed on the engineering and commissioning side of the business.

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HES PV has over 25 years experience in engineering and procurement of solar power equipment. The system features high-efficiency Sharp solar modules connected to a Power-One 250kW central inverter with string level monitoring.

As part of the project, HES PV was contracted to perform all of the electrical design, specifications, planning and procurement. Upon completion, HES performed all of the COVER testing and independent engineering reviews.

More Information
SKU 250kW Grid-Tie
Location Ottawa, ON
Year of Completion 2011
Project Size 250kW
Key Feature Power-One 250kW inverter including string level monitoring
Data Sheet 250kW Grid Tie