187kW FIT Grid-Tie

The Customer

PowerStream proposed developing a cost-effective high-performance flat roof solar system that would maximize rooftop earning potential through renewable energies and Ontario’s FIT program. The process would proceed through 2 phases:

  • A 10kW microFIT project to assess potential.
  • A 187kW FIT project to maximize revenue.

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HES integrated a system which enabled optimization of power production using high-efficiency Sharp solar modules and roof maximization through the Panel Claw. The ballasted roof mount allows quick and easy manipulation of roof orientations.

The solar system is wired to the inverters with high voltage DC wiring. This keeps the wire sizes small and manageable.

This system was designed to exceed a 25 year life span. All components are approved to CSA standards and are of high quality. There is no expected maintenance on the system.

More Information
SKU 187kW FIT Grid-Tie
Location Barrie, ON
Year of Completion 2010
Project Size 187kW
Key Feature Winner of CanSIA’s 2009 Solar Project of the Year Award
Data Sheet HES-100 Spec Sheet