124kW Rural Riding Arena

The Customer

ES Tache owns a beautiful farm in the rolling countryside near Meaford. The farm was being used as an equestrian center with a 10,000 sq. ft. riding arena in the heart of the property. They wanted to use solar power on the farm to increase revenue, and the launch of Ontario’s FIT Program in 2009 offered just that.

124kW Rural Riding Arena

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HES PV lead the project through the entire FIT process from engineering and procurement to construction. The system features high-efficiency Sharp solar modules for maximum output from the space used. HES PV’s Powerhouse racking system secures the modules to the metal roof of a farm building. Enphase inverters combine to produce a maximum of 100kW of power.

As part of the FIT program, the output is metered by the utility and they receive a bi-monthly cheque for the power delivered, at a rate of 71.3 cents/kWh. The income from the solar system is combined with the equestrian operation, resulting in a very attractive net income and rate of return. Through the FIT program, the solar system will pay for itself in less than 8 years.

More Information
SKU 124kW Rural Riding Arena
Location Meaford, ON
Year of Completion 2010
Project Size 124kW
Key Feature Turn-key, fully compliant FIT project
Data Sheet 124kW Rural Riding Arena