Spring Training

HES PV 2017 Spring Solar Training

Three - Two Day Solar Training Events Will Be Hosted In Victoria, Edmonton, Barrie

HES PV, in collaboration with some of the leading manufacturers in the PV industry, is presenting a two day event called “Building Solar Business”.
We welcome solar business owners and installers to join us in Victoria, Barrie, or Edmonton for two action packed days of information, training and networking. See the latest solar electric products, and get new tools to help your business grow in today’s dynamic and prosperous solar industry. From selling ideas to code issues to product information, past attendees have raved about the value this event has brought to their business.

Topics covered during BSB

Residential Grid-Tie Opportunities:

  • Who are the buyers, and what can solar do for them
  • The sales process – what has worked elsewhere in Canada
  • Tools to help you lower residential installation costs
  • Working with your LDC's Net Metering program

Commercial Grid-Tie Opportunities:

  • Financial benefits for buildings and business owners
  • Lean installation – how to lower costs
  • Engineering and electrical connection issues to consider
  • Inverter options for 30, 100 and 250kW installations
  • Tools to help you quote commercial customers

Off-Grid Solar Opportunities:

  • Tools to help you quote commercial customers
  • Innovative Off-Grid products for 2017 – things you should know about
  • How to build reliable systems with better inverters/charge controllers and monitoring
  • Everything you need to know about maximizing battery life with guru Steve Higgins

The S-Word – Storage!

  • Grid-tie with storage how-to and why-to – what is the business case?
  • Battery based backup for fickle grid power – how to design them to keep the lights on
  • Battery technologies, how to optimize performance and life

Who should attend:

  • Solar Professionals
  • Electricians & Roofers
  • Home service businesses looking to expand their opportunities

To register, please follow one of the links below for more information on each event.

Edmoton Training
May 9th

Edmonton Solar 101 Registration

May 5th

Barrie Spring Training