Calgary - Solar 101 Installer Training

Solar 101 Installer Training in Alberta - HES PV Solar Training

June 19th

A One day Installation of Rural Solar Systems

HES PV knows residential solar. For the past 10 years we have worked closely with hundreds of local solar businesses across Canada. We have helped them grow successful businesses selling and installing solar electric systems.
On June 19th, 2018, We will welcome new solar business owners and installers to join us for a fast paced, one-day Introduction to Rural Solar Installations Training Event. We’ll cover all aspects of solar installations, from system design to electrical connection. You will get hands on experience with our mock solar roof and ground mounts.

Topics Covered During Rural Solar Installations Training Seminar:

Residential Grid-Tie Opportunities:

  • Solar Basics – How Solar Net Billing Works
  • Examples of Solar Systems in Alberta
  • The Alberta Solar Program - Everything You Need to Know
  • Solar Equipment Overview for rooftop systems
  •    Step by step procedures how to mount solar panels on residential and agricultural roofs
  •    Inverter choices and installation procedures
  •    Electrical wiring steps and code issues
  •    Students will assemble a system on a mock rooftop
  • Solar Equipment Overview for ground mounted solar systems
  •    Design guidelines for ground mount arrays from 2 to 200kW
  •    Helical pile layout and installation
  •    Inverter wiring for single and split phase installations
  •    Students will assemble and wire an 8 panel ground mounted solar array.


Who should attend:

  • People who want to be a Solar Professional
  • Electricians, Roofers and other Home Service companies
  • Businesses who have customers that might be Solar clients




June 19th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


2333 18 Ave NE Unit 16 Calgary, AB, T2E 8T6 403.450.3428


$195 Includes Snacks & Lunch. Also can be applied to next order - Ask your rep for details!

Calgary Solar 101 Registration

To register, download the registration form and fax to 1.866.437.5531 or email Call 1.866.258.0110 for details.