Mounts for Off-Grid Systems

Mounts for Off-Grid Systems


The very cool Fast-Rack Rail System was designed to speed the installation of large scale PV arrays on sloped roofs with a minimum number of roof penetrations. Made in Ontario.

Fast-Rack Advantages
  • FIT COMPLIANT - Made in Ontario, adding 10 or 11% to your Domestic Content for MicroFIT/FIT compliance.
  • STRONGER RAILS - With up to 64” / 48” span between roof connections, Fast-Rack installs with fewer penetrations and less time.
  • INTEGRATED GROUNDING - Using patented grounding solutions, the rails bond the panel to the system ground, eliminating panel ground lugs and wires.
  • EASY RAIL LEVELING - With rail height adjustment of 2”, Fast-Racks are easy to level on a not so flat roof. Great looking solar systems with less labour.
  • SELF-SEALING ROOF BOLTS - EJOT Anchor Bolts, capable of up to 5” of roof penetration, secure the Fast-Rack rails to roof trusses. Integrated gasket seals anchors without caulking for faster, cleaner installation.

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Fast-Rack Options

  • FAST-RACK Ultra
    Long span, fewer splices, quick installation.
    Designed to speed installation of large PV arrays.
Solar Design

Fast-Rack for Sloped Roofs

Fast-Rack Ultra Racking System: This mounting system features all aluminum and stainless steel materials. The rails rigidly support solar modules of all sizes. They bond to the building structure with a variety of accessories: The Fast-Rack Flashing or Fast-Rack Talons for shingle roofs, or Ejot hanger bolts, S5 clamps or Corro-Slides for metal roofs.

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2 Tier Ground Mount

Minimize your ground mounting costs with this prefabricated, compact mounting package. Strong aluminum frames support 2 rows of panels above snow and grass. Adjustable tilt angles. Includes foundation plans and beam designs (end user provided).

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VRM - Vertical Roof Mounts

An adjustable roof mount with tilt angles up to 45 degrees for maximum solar performance. VRM's attach to sloped roofs or flat roof trusses with user provided roof jacks, or beams attached to the structure. Supports single panel rows in portrait.  Higher tilt angles optimize winter performance and help reduce snow accumulations.

Solar Mount Options

TPM - Top of Pole Mounts

Pole Mounts support up to 2.5kW of  PV panels per 8” pole (available separately). Panels are well above ground, protected from animals and snow. Single footing for each pole simplifies design and installation.  Models available from 2 through 12 panels.

Solar Mount Options