Pole Mounts

Yes - Pole Mounts!

Not every roof is perfect for solar. Our Pole Mounts are popular for residential and industrial applications, and allow the freedom to mount the solar panels in the optimum location for exposure to direct sunlight..Pole mounts have the advantage of flexible tilt angles to maximize solar production, and tend to shed snow faster than roof mounts. We offer single pole mounts that hold from one to 12 solar modules, and either 60 or 72 cell modules. Add the new high power, high voltage charge controllers, or microInverters and its easy to put up to 4kW of solar panels on an 8" pole.

Single Panel Pole Mounts

Our leading RV Solar Package. With a quality HES-150 solar panel, producing 8 amps of current in full sun. HES-RV-150-Kit →

2 and 4 Panel Top of Pole Mounts

High power Magnum inverters offer clean AC power from your RV batteries. Features include built in AC transfer switching, powerful battery chargers and full adjustability for any size service. Magnum Inverters →

6 Panel Top of Pole Mounts

Our compact, high output electronic battery chargers work with generators or AC service power to recharge and maintain RV batteries in top condition.

12 Panel Top of Pole Mounts

Our full featured 30 Amp PWM solar charger controller. With digital battery meter, load control and precise charge control. CC30 Charge Controller Spec Sheet →

Fast-Rack Top of Pole Mount – TPM12

Power for you on the go

HES RV Kits are designed to charge your batteries while dry camping. They provide extra power so you can enjoy the comforts that battery power wherever you camp.

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