Grid-Tie Inverters

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Enphase M-250

Enphase Energy has changed the way solar power is delivered to homes and businesses with the breakthrough Enphase Microinverter System, making solar power systems more productive, more reliable, smarter and safer.

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Live Monitoring

One cool feature of our grid-tie inverter selection is the opportunity to watch solar system production online. Each brand has its own system.

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Solar Design


The leading MicroInverters are designed to:

  • Reduce the effects of shading
  • Simplify installation by delivering AC power directly off the roof
  • Allow split arrays to face different directions ie: east and west
  • Panel level performance monitoring available

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Hybrid grid-tie inverter with panel level optimization!

  • SolarEdge Optimizers offer Panel level MPPT and performance monitoring like MicroInverters
  • SolarEdge inverters manage Optimizers and combine their DC power before invertering to 240VAC
  • 20 & 25 Year Inverter Warranty upgrade available

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Full range of high-efficiency inverters from 3 to 60kW:

  • Fronius is an Austrian manufacturer and a leading global brand
  • Fronius products are designed for reliability and efficiency
  • Great value and compact designs

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