Solar System for Electric Vehicles

The Customer

Electric cars owners enjoy quiet, zippy and emissions free transportation. This family purchased a Nissan Leaf, and wanted solar energy as the ultimate energy source for their new car. Their goal was to replace gasoline with renewable energy for their 10,000km per year.

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Product Description

The Solution

These electric car owners selected two MicroBlox 1000 kits for a total solar array size of 2kW. Each MicroBlox-1000, on an unshaded south facing roof would provide enough energy for 5000km of electric driving. MicroBlox systems are designed with Enphase microInverters, so the production of each solar panel is maximized in partially shaded conditions. The system also featured online monitoring, so the customer can view their daily and annual power production.


  • Driving range of 10,000 km per year with solar power
  • 100% emissions free driving
  • Net metering allows the solar to offset the car charging even if it is plugged in at night.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Location Victoria, BC
Year of Completion No
Project Size No
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Data Sheet Victoria Home 2kW PV for EV System
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