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What is Micro-generation?

Micro-generation is a term used to describe the small-scale generation of electric power by individuals, small businesses and/or communities to meet their energy needs. This small-scale energy generation can be used as an alternative or to supplement power used from the grid..

Under the Micro-generation policy, Yukoners will be able to offset their electrical consumption by connecting renewable energy technologies to their homes or businesses while remaining connected to Yukon’s electrical distribution system. Any excess energy produced by their renewable energy systems and not used within the building can be exported to the grid for compensation.
The incentive program will apply to surplus electricity exported to the grid and be set at a rate of $0.21/kWh on Yukon's Integrated System (YIS) and $0.30/kWh in electrically isolated communities powered by diesel generation.
Utility customers in the residential, general service and industrial classes who wish to generate electricity from eligible sources for their own consumption are eligible for the Micro-generation Program. This program does not apply to secondary sales connections. All Yukon micro-generation customers who live outside of municipal boundaries are also eligible for the Yukon Government's Rural Electrification and Telecommunications Program.
All potential micro-generation projects must submit an application and be approved as eligible for the program before proceeding with connecting to the grid.

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