Solar Saskatchewan

Solar Saskatchewan

Solar Saskatchewan

What if you could generate your own electricity and get credit for the unused portion from your power utility? Our Net Metering Program offers you the opportunity to generate your own power through the use of renewable energy technology.

How does it work?

Electricity sent to the grid is banked and applied to your current month’s electricity consumption. Any excess electricity is carried over to the following month and applied against that month’s consumption. A credit appears on your monthly bill showing the net amount of electricity that has been banked. Your excess power should be used within the year; if not, at the end of 12 months on your net metering anniversary date, any credits you may have for excess electricity sent to the grid will reset to zero.

Your net metering anniversary date

March or April — to maximize the use of your credits built up over the summer season.

Installation process

  • Obtain the required electrical permits and electrical inspections, including approvals required under the bylaws of the city, town or municipality where the installation occurs;
  • Install your renewable electricity generating equipment, including the energy production meter (this meter is only required if applying for the Net Metering Rebate);
  • Perform other tasks required to comply with SaskPower’s or your local electricity provider’s net metering policies, including the signing of a net metering interconnection agreement; and
  • Once your system has passed the electrical inspection, contact us or your local electricity provider to have the bi-directional meter installed.

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