Solar NWT

Solar NWT

Solar NWT

People are increasingly interested in generating their own electric power with renewables such as solar or wind energy. The program called Net Metering, allows NTPC customers who wish to generate their own power to feed any surplus to the electricity grid in their community. In addition to reducing the amount of energy they need from the utility through self-generation, Net Metering participants effectively use the grid as a battery that can store any excess power generated for use at a later time. For example, excess solar power generated in the summer can effectively be “stored” on NTPC’s grid for use during the winter months when there is less solar power generated resulting from the reduced daylight hours.

Net Metering customers can accumulate energy credits monthly for any excess electricity they produce to be used against those months when their usage exceeds their production.


  • NTPC and Northland Utilities Limited customers (eligibility for GNWT and Federal Government accounts have been delayed until the Utilities' next Phase II proceeding). Check the NTPC website for updates.
  • Renewable energy installations with rated capacity generally not exceeding 5kW.
  • NTPC customers are exempt from standby charges for intermittent generation.
  • Customers with small, commercially proven wind generators, mini-hydro, solar, or other renewable energy technologies looking to displace their own energy requirements with self-generation.
  • Please note that the PUB will review Net Metering compensation rates as part of its regular review of rates and rate structures. As such, Net Metering compensation rates are subject to change from time to time.

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