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Solar energy is all we do. Our assets: our knowledgeable team, our quality products and our relationships with qualified installers across Canada.

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Solar energy is free, and Photovoltaics, or solar electricity is a great way to reduce your dependence on utility power. What are your options and how do solar power systems work?

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Recent Projects

A portfolio of recent solar installations on homes can be found here. See solar at work across Canada. From cottage solar systems beyond power, to urban homes...

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HES PV has helped hundreds of Canadians build solar businesses. We offer training, bulk purchases, and delivery of quality products from our Canadian warehouses.

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MicroFIT is a program open to Ontario residents to receive payments for solar electricity generated on their properties and delivered to the utility. The Ontario Power Authority will pay 39.6¢ per kilowatt hour delivered for roof mounted systems and 29.1¢ for ground mounted solar arrays. Learn more →


It’s now easier than ever to put solar to work on any home connected to the electrical utility grid. Home Energy’s MicroBlox systems are complete solar systems packages that combine the latest HES solar modules and the highest quality inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible rooftop solutions. Learn More →


The simplest and most reliable way to put solar to work at your home or cottage is a Home Energy Solution! These kits are designed for fast, easy and fully code compliant installations. Learn more →


The Secure Source Backup Power Systems are designed to keep important loads in your home or business running in the event of a power failure. These fully integrated battery/inverter packages are in a compact cabinet, and pre-wired for fast and easy installation. Learn More →

Featured Product: MicroBlox 500

Our modular approach to grid-tie solar. Each MicroBlox 500 will typically generate 500-700 kilowatt hours of power per year from a sunny sloped roof in Canada. Start with one or two, and add more every year to decrease your power purchases from your local utility. Learn more →

Earn Money with a MicroFIT System

Ontario home owners can make a steady income from roof mounted solar systems through the MicroFIT program. HES-GT-10 system use quality HES panels with a tough 25 year power output warranty. Install an HES MicroFIT system and enjoy a steady income stream for 20 years. Learn more →

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